On 7 May 2024, the dissemination Italian event of the Erasmus Plus KA2 project ‘Di-struct’ took place with great success. This project aims to provide innovative tools for the digitisation of teaching, offering concrete support to teachers and trainers.

The event started with an introduction of the ‘Di-struct’ project. During this introduction, participants could understand the main objectives of the project and the activities planned for the future.

Afterwards, participants took part in interactive workshops organised by Uniser and Fondazione Golinelli, two of the five partners of this European project. These workshops provided practical tools for designing innovative teaching activities. The participants had the opportunity to explore the contents of the learning modules “VET going digital”, acquiring new skills to rethink and share digitised teaching practices, adaptable to their specific contexts.

This practical experience allowed them to better understand how to integrate new technologies into their teaching programmes, fostering a more engaging and modern learning environment. The opportunity to directly experience the content generated lively interest and encouraged participants to share what they learned with their colleagues.

Networking and Future Opportunities

The event concluded with a networking aperitif, offering participants the opportunity to further discuss the ideas that emerged during the workshops and to create new collaborations. This enthusiasm led many participants to invite their colleagues to register on the project’s e-learning platform ‘“VET going digital”.

This is only the first event dedicated to this project: the next event is planned for spring 2025. In the meantime, anyone interested in keeping up to date with the project’s activities can visit the official website.

If you too are interested in finding out more and participating in future events, please contact us via this contact form.

The “Di-struct” project keeps moving forward, promoting innovation and digitisation in education, for an increasingly digital and interconnected educational future.