In response to the evolving landscape of education, the European project Di-Struct! developed eight training modules, which were integrated into an online E-learning course by UNISER. The modules were meticulously crafted to address the identified skills gaps among educators in the digital field. They are tailored to address various facets of digitalization in education.

During the conception phase, teachers were invited to test the first versions of the modules in order to receive feedback to improve them. Regular roundtable discussions between the partners of the project and meticulous tracking of progress facilitated the development process. UNISER worked closely with partners to establish a standardized framework on the Moodle platform, while the adoption of a Padlet enabled educators to share their experiences and insights.

Refinement based on teachers’ feedback ended in February 2024, resulting in the creation of an E-learning platform comprising eight robust modules:

  • Content creation
  • Online Learning Platform
  • Gamification
  • VET-Oriented digital educational resources
  • International exercises
  • Online boards
  • Interactive approach
  • Online collaboration

All of them are available in English, Hungarian, Italian, Portuguese, and French.

We invite training centers and stakeholders interested in furthering digital education to test our modules and promote their use within their networks. Together, let us embrace innovation and excellence in education for the digital age.

Please, get in touch with us through our contact page.